Learning Earning LIVING

Happy New Year!

We are five days into a brand new year (and decade, depending on who you ask). It is our annual fresh start, blank page, open road…ready for us to bring our best self to the table. For me, this means thinking about how I’ll be learning, earning and living this year as I strive to create a more balanced life. On the learning front, my reflections from last year helped

Working remotely and staying connected

I have worked remotely in some form or another for a long time, but only recently in a full-time capacity with no opportunity to go into an office. I love what I do, but there are times when I realize the lack of face-time can really be a blocker in my work. As a learning leader, I like to see what people are doing and get a feel for what

How adaptable are you?

Adaptability is a key area of professional development that is often overlooked. However, in our fast-changing world, your ability to adapt and grow can be a strong predictor of your success. People who are more adaptable are happier at work because they can find the silver lining. Change is inevitable. How ready are you when it comes? I worked in higher education for most of my career. Despite being centers

An open letter to the students involved in the college admissions scandal

Dear Students: I have worked in higher education for much of my career – with students just like you. They came from a variety of backgrounds, had differing levels of advantage or disadvantage, and came with the hope that when they left college they would be destined for success. I understand that your situation is terrible. If you had no idea what your parents had done, you likely feel betrayed

Managing for Growth

My son started his sophomore year of high school strategically. He wanted to find the most direct route to a good grade in each class. His strategy was to figure out what each teacher wanted and produce it, reasoning that doing so would result in the best grade. For most of his classes, it worked well. Then he met Ms. Barrows. Jake became frustrated in his English class. He was